• Sheri

Meet Sheri

For those who live independently, Mainstay Life Services offers programs and services selected by the individual and determined by their needs. From transportation and financial management to nutrition and more, […]

  • Renee

Meet Renee, a cowgirl at heart

At Mainstay, we are pleased to provide all-inclusive care for those living at home that can maximize their growth and potential. Just ask Renee, who with Mainstay’s help has become […]

  • davidcrop

Meet David, World Traveler

For those who are in need of minimal assistance, semi-independent living is provided in a Mainstay home or apartment. This service provides adults with the support of a devoted staff […]

  • Photo 2

Meet Karrie and Maryann

No matter what level of care someone receives, we want them to feel at home with Mainstay.

Whether it is feeling comfortable in the community, at their place of work […]

  • IMG_9968

Meet MaryKay

At Mainstay, we love seeing the progress and growth of those we support. We also love seeing this same growth in our staff. Nobody represents this personal and professional development […]

  • Amanda-1

Meet Amanda

Those living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) often require constant supervision and ongoing lifelong interventions. Given the rarity of PWS, however, programs and facilities dedicated to providing specialized supports are often […]

  • Stephen-and-Brandon-2

Meet Stephen and Brandon

Mainstay Life Services operates five homes to serve 10 people living with a rare genetic condition known as Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). These customized homes are invaluable for the residents and […]

  • April-2

Meet April

For April, the unique needs that are a part of dealing with Prader-Willi Syndrome are best understood by the other women who live with her in a Mainstay home and […]

  • op edit

The Oppenheim’s Story

David has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). PWS is a rare and complex genetic condition that results in the chronic feeling of hunger and can lead to excessive overeating and life-threatening obesity […]

  • Doug copy

Doug’s Story

Here at Mainstay Life Services, our employees are important to us and we pride ourselves on being an organization that cares about them. Our goal is to provide our employees […]

  • carla1

Carla’s Story

At Mainstay, we are very happy to provide all-inclusive supports to those in our care to help maximize their independence. Just ask Carla, one of our longest served residents who […]

  • TS

Traysean’s Story

Providing each person we serve with the specialized supports they need to reach their highest potential is at the heart of what we do at Mainstay Life Services. Just ask […]

  • eric thumbnail

Eric’s Story

Mainstay Life Services provides compassionate, specialized supports to help those in our care achieve their greatest life goals and lead fulfilling lives. Just ask Eric, who has experienced new places […]

  • Untitled-1

Tia’s Story

In September, Community Living Specialist Stephanie Poindexter received a call asking her to fill a last-minute shift. A woman supported by Mainstay’s Home and Community Services Department needed to be […]

  • AU14_0781

Charlie’s Story

There is a special bond that develops between the Mainstay Life Services’ staff and the people who are in their care. Just ask Charlie and John.
Charlie came to Mainstay Life […]

  • naazelle

Naazlie’s Story

Caring for the changing needs of the people we serve is at the heart of what Mainstay Life Services is all about. Just ask Naazlie, who receives home and community […]

  • ed-rosa

Ed & Rosa’s Story

For many at Mainstay Life Services, their roommates are like family. Ed and Rosa are a bit different…they actually are family.

Ed and Rosa are brother and sister who lived together […]