Life Sharing

Life Sharing is a program where families, friends, or other community members invite and welcome a person with an Intellectual Disability and/or Autism (ID/A) into their home to live in a shared, supportive family environment. Mainstay Life Services works with partners who are interested in providing a place where that a person can call home and enjoy the love of a family.

Mainstay’s Life Sharing Program enhances a person’s growth and development, improves their self-esteem, and most importantly, provides the support of an extended family. The needs and preferences of the provider and the person seeking support are always considered.

For More Information
To learn more about our Life Sharing Program contact Director of Program Operations Ned Ochester at 412-344-3640 or NOchester@MainstayLifeServices.org.

Benefits of Life Sharing

Karrie and Maryann

For the person receiving services:

  • Foundation for learning life skills
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased growth and development
  • Individualized attention
  • Love of a family
  • Extended family
  • Successful community living
  • Enduring and permanent relationships
  • A place to call home

For the partner:

  • New dimension to a family
  • Enrichment to each family member
  • Generous stipend
  • Sense of fulfillment
  • Opportunity to learn about self
  • Love of the person in their care