A Dedicated Staff is the Key to our Success

The highly-skilled staff at Mainstay Life Services continually strives to improve the organization’s wide-range of services. Although the needs of those we serve vary, the keys to our exceptional service remain the same:

  • We care.

    Our life-long, compassionate support is the key to helping those we serve lead fulfilling lives. We ensure everyone in our care has access to everything they need to develop their full potential to contribute positively to their communities.

  • We listen.

    Our partnership and participation with those we serve, along with their families, is key for successful support. We listen and respond to both the people in our care and their families to aid in all decision-making.

  • We adapt.

    Our care continually evolves based on changing needs. The key to helping people stay on a path toward a desirable future is to provide the appropriate level of care needed to support them on this exciting journey.

  • We guide.

    Our guidance is key to helping those we serve make the most of their lives. Like an extended family, we assist with life skills and decisions that prove to be too challenging to face alone.