Our Mission & Vision

Mainstay Life Services is an extraordinary organization with a very distinctive mission:
To provide life-long, high-quality support services, ensuring that people with developmental disabilities lead fulfilling lives and realize their vision of a desirable future.

Mainstay Life Services constantly strives to make our vision a reality:
People with developmental disabilities will live within a community that sustains them and benefits from their participation. Mainstay Life Services will be regarded as the region’s provider of choice for individuals and families seeking services, and as the region’s employer of choice for qualified and committed professionals.

Mainstay Life Services

Our Values

Mainstay Life Services offers compassionate, specialized support that helps people with developmental disabilities achieve their greatest life goals. We believe the following five attributes are key to promoting positive, high-quality care:


We provide support with invaluable guidance and sensitivity as those in our care take an active role in their community.


We treat each person with the dignity he or she deserves. By serving as respectful role models, we encourage positive self-esteem and achievement.


We are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of those in our care, and we continuously adapt our services to suit their specific abilities, requirements and requests.


We respect the unique talents, skills, and challenges of each person, and provide the specialized services he or she needs to achieve optimal independence and happiness.


We exercise patience and compassion as we help people learn new skills, develop friendships, and give back to the community.