The Self-Advocates Advisory Board is a group of individuals receiving Mainstay supports. The members’ primary goal is to advocate for themselves while working to improve the quality of services provided by Mainstay. They accomplish this by sharing concerns, thinking about current programs and making recommendations to Mainstay’s Executive Team and Board of Directors.

The Objectives of the Self-Advocates are to:

  1. Speak up for themselves, and speak up for others who aren’t able to speak up for themselves.
  2. Educate others about the importance of being a self-advocate and give voice to issues of importance to them.
  3. Be role models, mentors, and resources for others.
  4. Represent themselves and others while sharing ideas about their interests and concerns.
  5. Identify things that need to be changed and work toward making changes to improve the quality of life for people receiving Mainstay supports.
  6. Invite people to meetings who can answer questions and discuss issues they are interested in and that are important to them.
  7. Assist and participate in events held for people receiving supports, families, and staff.