Meet Renee, a cowgirl at heart

ReneeAt Mainstay, we are pleased to provide all-inclusive care for those living at home that can maximize their growth and potential. Just ask Renee, who with Mainstay’s help has become much more comfortable doing everyday tasks such as counting money, ordering at a restaurant and making new friends.

Renee came to Mainstay over eight years ago. Helene Hartig, her community living specialist, noted how proud she is of Renee’s personal growth over the last few years. One of Renee’s goals is to be more patient and she has learned coping techniques that help her to do just that.

Renee enjoys staying active and through Special Olympics, has the opportunity to play floor hockey. She even travels with the team to esteemed schools such as Villanova and Penn State. Renee always invites Helene to watch her play as the two have become like family.

Renee and Helene enjoy spending time together and share lots of similar interests. Most importantly, they share a love of country music. When Renee was a child, her parents, Brenda and Kenneth, introduced her to some of the legendary country greats. The music brings back such wonderful memories and her tastes have grown to include contemporary artists as well. In August 2016, Helene had the pleasure of taking Renee to her first ever country music concert to see Sara Evans and Chris Young at Wild Things Park. Both women had the time of their lives and enjoy reminiscing about their experience.

In the coming months, Renee and Helene will be making plans for Renee’s 30th birthday. Helene began a tradition a couple years ago of celebrating Renee’s birthday with a steak meal and a trip to her absolute favorite place, Oakmont Bakery, for cookies, cupcakes and other scrumptious treats. This year will be no different and it sounds like a perfect plan to us!