Meet MaryKay

At Mainstay, we love seeing the progress and growth of those we support. We also love seeing this same growth in our staff. Nobody represents this personal and professional development better than our longest working employee, MaryKay Adams.

MaryKay got her start with Mainstay when she was just 19 years old and still attending Community College of Allegheny County. While studying child development and special education, MaryKay was able to choose the organization with which she would complete her practicums. She chose Idlewood Center. After completing her classes, she continued to work part-time for Idlewood, and eventually began her full-time role in 1978.

Through her 40 years with us, MaryKay has been around to see Idlewood Center and Horizon Homes join to form Mainstay. She’s watched a four person staff grow to the nearly 400 employee organization it is today. And, of course, she’s had to keep up with the ever-changing technology!

“One of the biggest adjustments over the years has been adapting to the much larger staff and management teams – oh, and the computers,” MaryKay says.

A lot has changed, and MaryKay has too. Through her various positions as an intern, a Program Manager, and now as a Community Living Specialist, she feels she has matured and learned something new in each role. And over the course of 40 years, there are bound to be ups and downs, but MaryKay is grateful for all of them.

“Though my job can be challenging at times, there is nothing more rewarding than helping those we support lead fulfilling lives,” MaryKay says. “I love sharing good days and even the bad ones. Every day counts, and if today doesn’t turn out as well as it could have, tomorrow is another chance to be better.”