Home and Community Supports

Mainstay Life Services has over 50 years of experience providing individualized supports. We provide reliable person-centered services maximizing the growth and independence of each person to achieve a meaningful community life.

Providing Supports

That allow a person to navigate within their community. Such support includes instruction in using transportation, helping with communication, assistance with shopping, enjoying social and recreational outings, and other activities of community life.

That help a person increase their level of independence. Supports can be provided to help someone with the transition to living in their own home, or to help someone already living in their own home to maintain that level of independence.

That assist a person in developing and maintaining financial stability and security. Such support includes planning for achieving self-support, money management, and record keeping.

That facilitate community inclusion. Such support includes helping a person find interesting and meaningful activities if they are not interested in a traditional day program, identifying impactful volunteer opportunities, developing skills necessary to pursue competitive employment, and developing new relationships and social roles.

That support a person’s ability for self-care. Such support may include assisting with personal care, scheduling medical appointments and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

That ensure a person’s health and welfare during times when a regular caregiver is not available.

Home and community supports help people to:

  • Be safe at home and in the community
  • Gain confidence and independence while learning new skills
  • Make meaningful community connections
  • Visit with family and friends
  • Build and maintain new friendships
  • Be successful in their own home
  • Prepare for competitive employment
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Manage their finances
  • Access public transportation

Our Values and Commitment to Those We Serve

Mainstay Life Services offers compassionate, specialized support that helps people with developmental disabilities achieve their greatest life goals. We believe the following attributes are key to promoting positive, high-quality care.

We treat each person with the dignity he or she deserves. By serving as respectful role models, we encourage positive self-esteem and achievement.

We are flexible and responsive to changing needs and we continuously adapt our services to suit specific abilities, requirements and requests.

We respect the unique talents, skills and challenges of each person, and provide the specialized services he or she needs to achieve independence and happiness.

We exercise sensitivity and compassion as we help people learn new skills, develop friendships and give back to the community.

Why Choose Mainstay?

While the level of support we provide is determined by each person’s needs, we assure that everyone who receives home and community supports is provided with:

  • Individualized supports that evolve as needs change
  • Prompt and compassionate response to service needs
  • Experienced, well-trained and consistent support staff
  • An accessible and responsive administrative team

Mainstay is qualified to provide Community Participation Supports, In-Home and Community Supports, Companion Services, Lifesharing, Supported Living, and Respite Care.

For More Information
To learn more about our Home and Community Supports, check out our program brochure or contact Ned Ochester, Director of Community Services, at nochester@mainstaylifeservices.org or 412.344.3647 x327 to learn more about home and community supports.

  • naazelle

Naazlie’s Story

Caring for the changing needs of the people we serve is at the heart of what Mainstay Life Services is all about. Just ask Naazlie, who receives home and community support.

While living in her home, Naazlie experienced some unexpected medical problems that kept her from maintaining her daily routine. Acting without hesitation, Mainstay Life Services’ staff addressed Naazlie’s needs and changed their schedules to be present in her home every day to make sure she would be well-cared for and comfortable.

Today, the Community Living Specialists at Mainstay Life Services are committed to ensuring Naazlie is happy, safe and secure.