Our History  

The history of Mainstay Life Services is based upon the stories of two exceptional organizations working together toward one common goal. Horizon Homes, Inc. and Idlewood Center, both pioneers in providing home support for people with developmental disabilities in Allegheny County, came together in 1999 to form Mainstay Life Services.

Led by a small group of parents, family members and community leaders, these two organizations offered safe havens for children and adults with developmental disabilities and gave them the opportunity to enjoy more self-determined lives within a neighborhood setting.

Today, Mainstay Life Services supports over 350 people and is recognized as one of the top providers in the region.

Fred Eisenreich

Fred Eisenreich


“I first got involved as a donor many years ago when I served on the board of Horizon Homes, one of the two organizations that formed Mainstay, and then on the Board of Mainstay. Over all of those years, I felt strongly committed to the mission of the organization. It seemed logical to me that, in addition to my time commitment, I needed to financially support the organization. I have advocated for Mainstay since because I am convinced they are extremely committed to the clients they serve and to the employees that directly provide excellent care, which I have seen firsthand.

Private donations provide the little things that make a difference in these people’s lives. I have been inspired by the dedication of the direct care workers that serve our clients to help them grow, learn skills and increase their independence.”