Meet Sheri

SheriFor those who live independently, Mainstay Life Services offers programs and services selected by the individual and determined by their needs. From transportation and financial management to nutrition and more, maximizing the developmental growth of each person is our ultimate goal.

Just ask Sheri, an intelligent, charming and talented young woman who benefits from Home and Community Supports. While she thrives in living an active lifestyle, managing everyday life can sometimes be a bit challenging. That is why staff members visit with Sheri each week to help her improve her skills.

They help Sheri in managing money so she can continue to take public transportation to and from work at a local spa, as well as teach her safety skills and how to positively express herself. They also accompany her to the movies, shopping mall or local library as needed.

We at Mainstay are delighted Sheri has become more independent and social with our help so she can realize her vision of a desirable future.