Honoring Work Toward Equality and Racial Justice

It’s impossible to overstate the intensity or complexity of the challenges we have faced these past few months. These months have also cast a stark light on the inequities that exist in our country and world.

Juneteenth celebrates the freeing of the last slaves in the United States, the end to our country’s greatest inequity. The June 19 holiday has also, for generations, inspired celebration of freedom, education about the past, and further work toward equality for African-Americans.

Amid a renewed call for that work, we at Mainstay remain committed to our mission of ensuring that all people with developmental disabilities can — regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or background — lead fulfilling lives and realize their vision of a desirable future. We are also using this time for listening and learning, standing in solitary with our Black colleagues to be a part of the change.

To honor Juneteenth and as a part of our community, we hope you’ll join us:

This period will go down in history as one of the most memorable and impactful in our lifetimes. As changemakers, we will accept the challenges by creating change for good. Our resilience, generosity, talent, and care for one another will be our lasting legacy during these times, and one of which we can all be proud.