We Stand Together.

To Friends of Mainstay,

At Mainstay, we understand the importance of community. The bonds we create with each other become more than just isolated, individual relationships. Rather, one person or one relationship generates a ripple effect, impacting so many others, and I’ve personally seen that goodwill play out time and time again throughout our organization.

We want the ripples that we create to affect positive change. That’s why we understand we must all work together to end inequity and injustice. None of us – not one person nor one organization – can do it alone. It takes all of us together, as a community.

Mainstay is deeply devoted to addressing such inequities. Our board of directors and our staff are committed for the long term through the work we do every day to deliver our mission. We have made diversity and inclusion a key driver of our strategic plan. We have focused our entire organization on these issues because we know we need to do more. We need to achieve more.

Together, our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, in all our work, in our community today and into the future, will contribute to a nation where all people feel safe, cared for and valued.

Thank you for being a part of our Mainstay community, and a part of the conversations and actions we will continue together to turn that vision into a reality.


With all my best,

Kim Sonafelt

CEO, Mainstay Life Services