The Oppenheim’s Story

David has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). PWS is a rare and complex genetic condition that results in the chronic feeling of hunger and can lead to excessive overeating and life-threatening obesity when not treated properly. Mainstay is one of the few places that offers 24-hour, innovative care to people like David and helps them to enjoy independent, fulfilling lives. But, David isn’t the only one benefiting from our PWS supports – his parents are too.

Irving and Lisa Oppenheim, David’s parents, were thrilled 20 years ago when they found Mainstay.

“We didn’t know what would be best for our son, but Mainstay provided him the opportunity to live in a group residence and it turned out to be a God-send,” Lisa says.

After receiving our PWS services that include careful meal planning, special exercises and group support, David began to make drastic improvements and his parents couldn’t believe the difference in their son.

“My wife and I were unsure about how it would work, but it was astounding how David flourished in a Mainstay home,” Irving says.

Irving and Lisa are grateful for everyone involved in providing care to David. It has changed his life for the better and, in turn, changed theirs.

“We are regularly impressed at how Mainstay staff members have a sensitivity and kindness that is such a wonderful fit to the needs of these clients,” Lisa says. “We are so grateful and in awe of how people can rise to that role.”

At Mainstay, we know that developmental disabilities and conditions, such as PWS, affect more than just one person – they affect the entire family. Our family is your family, and that is why we strive to serve everyone involved through our services and supports.