Mainstay Marley

Marley in her Mainstay gear!

It’s as if she knows it’s Friday. I wake up and go about my morning routine. Lastly, packing my lunch, I catch a glimpse of her eyes. Those big round eyes reminding me it’s Friday, and that may mean it’s Mainstay Marley day!

I adopted a four-year-old black Labrador Retriever over a year ago. She came to us after suffering a devastating, unexpected loss of her previous owner. She came to us timid, quietly scared, yet full of love and appreciation. My family and I hit the jackpot. Marley is a sensitive, calm, loyal, well-trained sweetheart. Due to her reserved demeanor, I thought I’d bring her to work with me, at the administrative office of Mainstay, to share her love. I’ve read numerous articles on how dogs in the workplace can increase productivity, alleviate stress, and provide opportunities for coworkers to interact in a positive, casual setting. Well, hot diggity dog, that’s exactly what Mainstay Marley does (fondly coined by Mark Brown, Operations Coordinator)!

Marley and her family.

Once I ask in my kitchen on that occasional Friday, “Wanna go to Mainstay today?” Marley leaps into action. A quick shake, a sassy hop, and a fiercely wagging tail – she is ready to roll. Inhaling the fresh air on the short car ride, Marley recognizes the final turn onto Roessler Road. Anxiously awaiting the car door to open, she sprints into action. Gallivanting through the front doors, then whipping around the corner, her first stop is to sign in with a wet dog kiss and say hello to our friendly receptionist Jennifer Wilson. She then makes her way throughout the first floor looking for her familiar work humans. Undoubtedly, she makes a quick stop into the kitchen for whatever crumbs may have been left behind from Thursday’s lunchtime.

Marley worming her way into MaryBeth’s heart… and treat drawer!

The fiscal department is Marley’s favorite destination! It may be their stunning personalities and their sincere love for dogs, or maybe it’s because MaryBeth Kundrat has a drawer full of dog treats. Either way, Marley loves her friends in the fiscal department.

I often think that Marley would be an incredible therapy dog. Although, I think unofficially, she already is.




– Alex Calabrese, Director of Human Resources


Marley can’t wait to get into the building to greet some of her favorite humans!