Employ Me!

Have you noticed lately how many businesses are begging for employees? When you drive down the road, you see sign after sign that bears the words: “Help Wanted.” It’s an open market for job-seekers and the perfect time to get the job you have always wanted. Many of the people with whom we work in employment services are saying: “Employ Me!”

Why do people with disabilities need to work? First of all, it increases their financial independence. They have the ability to grow their financial worth to be able to make purchases just like everyone else. Having a job also promotes a connection to the community. It increases their sense of belonging, as well as their social network. Friends are important and people learn and grow from building relationship with others in the community. Lastly, having a job increases a person’s job skills. Although their first job may not be there life-long career, it is a stepping stone to hone their skills for future vocational interests.

Employ Me! When we employ a person with a disability, we gain a loyal employee that calls off less and is motivated to go to work in sheer appreciation of the opportunity that they have been given. Employ Me!

-Lisa Svidron, Associate Director of Employment Services