Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

At Mainstay, we believe that everyone has an important role in their community. We work hard to ensure that the people we support lead fulfilling lives and realize their vision of a desirable future. That’s why we are proud to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month each October by highlighting some of the people we support and the great work they do in their community. Check out a few of their stories below, and make sure to say hello to when you see them in your neighborhood!

Meet Maggie

Maggie is a Lobby Specialist at Wendy’s restaurant. She enjoys talking with the customers and her co-workers. Maggie wanted to work at Wendy’s because she ate their all the time!  Maggie is assisted by Dave, Mainstay Employment Specialist.

Meet John 

John works at the Olive Garden as a dishwasher.  He has a job that keeps him very busy the entire shift which he loves!  John works independently but is supported by Mainstay’s Supported Employment team as needed.

Meet Tim 

Tim is a valuable employee at the VA Hospital in the Canteen area. He has been employed with the VA for over 16 years! Tim started his career off as a dishwasher and has been promoted to working the line. Every morning, Tim sets up the serving line, gathers utensils and ensures food temperatures are correct. Tim serves breakfast and lunch to the veterans and hospital staff at the VA. Tim is assisted by Janelle, Mainstay Job Coach, and Ellen, Mainstay Employment Specialist.

Meet Jack 

Jack works at Ollie’s warehouse unpacking boxes and tagging merchandise.  He is a hardworker that loves to look at the new shirts as they arrive to the store.  Jack works independently with his Mainstay Employment Specialist, Ellen.

Meet Parriz 

Parriz works at Track 23 as a Retail Assistant. He is a dedicated, hardworker that enjoys meeting the customers that shop in the store. Parriz sweeps the store, dusts fixtures and re-hangs clothing. He also folds the jeans which are a huge mess and tags new clothing that comes into the store. Parriz works independently with his Job Coach, Samantha.