Celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Herb helping a customer.

Since 1987, when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, there has been much progress made in the field. Mainstay is proud to be part of that progress and we remain committed to providing services and supports that are person-centered and focus on helping everyone live their best life. Since day one, our mission has been to provide life-long, high-quality support services, ensuring that people with developmental disabilities lead fulfilling lives and realize their vision of a desirable future. It is our collective vision that people with developmental disabilities will live within a community that sustains them and benefits from their participation.

There is no better way to experience Mainstay’s purpose than to hear the stories of people thriving in their communities. Meet here some of the hardworking individuals that we are proud to support!

Meet Herb!

Herb has worked at Kuhn’s Market since February 2006, making him a loyal employee of 16 years. His job at Kuhn’s consists of important tasks to keep the store running, including bagging groceries and sweeping the floor.

Herb is proud to be an essential worker amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His amazing work ethic pushed him to mask up and keep working ever since it began. While on the clock, Herb likes meeting many different people and interacting with customers.

Herb’s advice to others for success at work: “Come to work on time, dress appropriately, have a positive attitude and treat customers with respect.”

Outside of his work at Kuhn’s, Herb frequents two of his favorite local restaurants, Mike & Tony’s and Coach’s Sports Bar. He also has an adventurous spirit, having traveled to both Punta Cana and the Riviera Maya prior to the pandemic.


Meet Ken!

Ken began working as a dishwasher at Café IO in November 2021. Previously, he worked at the Robinson Mall and would have a long commute on a bus each day. Now, he enjoys walking to work at Café IO and loves how close it is to his home.

His job consists of collecting dirty dishes, washing pots and pans, putting dishes away and sweeping the floor. Ken likes his job because it’s fun and he gets to be around people. Café IO’s owner, Jeff Iovino, says “Ken is a great employee and is happy to have his help in keeping his small business going during these difficult times.”

Ken’s advice for others who want to succeed at work is, “They should dress nice for work, stay calm, be available for extra shifts, try not to call off, and be respectful.”

Outside of work, Ken is a youth basketball and baseball coach through Urban Impact. He also listens to music, goes on church retreats, sings with the choir and works out at the gym. Ken has a lot of friends outside of Mainstay that he stays in contact with on a regular basis.


Meet Meg!

Meg started working at Giant Eagle as a grocery bagger in 2021. Prior to her time at Giant Eagle, Meg has held two other jobs. She enjoys interacting with customers and the friendly team members she works with each day.

For others who want to be successful at work, Meg says, “You need a job coach and must be a hard worker. You have to be on your toes, on time and work hard.”

When Meg isn’t working, she likes to visit her best friend who lives next door. They enjoy watching Heartland, a TV show about horses. Meg has a special connection to horses, as she spent a lot of time on her grandfather’s horse farm when she was growing up.