Carla’s Story

At Mainstay, we are very happy to provide all-inclusive supports to those in our care to help maximize their independence. Just ask Carla, one of our longest served residents who loves to travel and is always ready to go on her next adventure.

Carla has been receiving services from Mainstay since 1977. When she’s not traveling, Carla leads a full and active life here in Pittsburgh. After graduating from Conroy Educational Center, Carla worked at Goodwill for seven years. In 1992, Carla began working full-time at a local hotel. Dedicated to hard work, you’ll still find Carla working at the same hotel, 26 years later!

In her spare time, Carla enjoys being out and about in her neighborhood, brightening everyone’s day, or at home dancing to her favorite songs. She also has a passion for photography and prides herself on being the house photographer.

Carla loves to give back to Mainstay. She is always one of the first to volunteer her time to help with events, especially her favorite – the golf outing. Carla is an invaluable asset to the outing, and the golfers have become accustomed to her radiant smile and happy demeanor welcoming them to the event.

Carla teaches all of us a very valuable lesson: Live life to the fullest and let your smile show it.