Traysean’s Story

Providing each person we serve with the specialized supports they need to reach their highest potential is at the heart of what we do at Mainstay Life Services. Just ask Traysean, who has enjoyed new experiences and become more confident thanks to help from Mainstay staff.

Traysean has been receiving Home and Community Supports services from Mainstay since July 2015.  When he isn’t busy working at Home Depot, staff members Torrey (pictured left) and Christine assist Traysean with a wide range of activities.

By assisting him with budgeting and personal errands, Mainstay has enabled Traysean to develop new skills and believe in his abilities. By helping him to access the community, Mainstay has provided Traysean with opportunities to interact with his peers and get involved in a variety of activities.

In addition, Mainstay has helped Traysean to build his confidence so he can achieve his goal of becoming a motivational speaker. Staff remain committed to mentoring and helping Traysean to reach his fullest potential. They look forward to seeing him “pay it forward” when he becomes a mentor one day.