In 2012, Mainstay Life Services established a Special Needs Pooled Trust. Since that time, many of the persons we support or their families have taken advantage of the Trust. Because the Trust protects funds for the future while maintaining benefits and facilitating long-term planning, we believe it is a wonderful option for improving quality of life.

Once a Trust account is opened, the funds may be used for things such as: furniture and other household items, computer hardware and software, maintenance and Internet service, and items not covered by Medicaid (for example dental work, insurance co‐payments, over the counter medications, private counseling and special therapies). The Trust may also be used to pay for recreational activities, including day trips, summer camp, vacations, transportation and travel costs, and personal assistance to accompany the person on outings.

For more information

For more information or to open an account, contact Ruth Opferman, Client Resources and Budgets Specialist, at 412.344.3640.

Arlington Heritage Group is the administrator for Mainstay Life Services’ Special Needs Pooled Trust. They will be happy to answer your questions as well. For additional information, please contact Lorraine Parrillo, Vice President of Trust Administration at Arlington, at 215.672.1184 or

For a list of frequently asked questions, we invite you to visit Arlington Heritage Group, Mainstay Life Services’ Trust Administrator.